18. 11. 2009

Étrennes d'ange

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fräulein klein řekl(a)...

So romantic photos! Very lovely!
Have a nice evening, Yvonne

Marie-Ange řekl(a)...

Adorables tes petits anges !
L'Amour et le Bonheur, c'est ce que je te souhaite de tout mon coeur.
Bisous de belle soirée.
Marie-Ange ...

"bear's house" řekl(a)...

Hello my dearest friend!!!

When I go in your blog...ALL, ALL is a dream!!!


KISSES and HUGS my friend! NI

Les Cotrions řekl(a)...

What a beauty! Angels and sweet words! Lovely post!

maría cecilia řekl(a)...

Good morning Flaurete, this is a so pretty vignette with lovely item, the frame with angels is so cute. Sorry not being able to understand... those hearts are lovely too!!
María Cecilia

jade řekl(a)...

Very lovely pictures - everything looks so romantic!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day, Hugs Jade