30. 10. 2009

L'automne doré II

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Marie-Ange řekl(a)...

Une merveilleuse suite !
Tu es une fée.
Bisous du coeur.

Bonjade řekl(a)...

Such sweet little girl and a lovely tinkling bell......nice pictures.
Sweet weekend

"bear's house" řekl(a)...

Hello my dear friend.

WONDERFUL little girl and fabolus photos!

Are you a professional photograph?

KISSES and have a nice weekend. NI

teddy bears Marin to Venice řekl(a)...

Hi my dear friend,

look at your blog is as to give him a great

pleasure, already the title is fascinating!

the photos... the colors of the blog..

everything is perfect and I loves a lot to

follow him.

Excuse if don't see the comment that you have put to my last post, for mistake I have cancelled the post, now it is to place I have put again him.

Bears hugs


jade řekl(a)...

Your autumn decoration looks so lovely and very romantic!!! I wish you a wonderful weekend and thank you so much, for your sweet comment,

Hugs Jade

Les Cotrions řekl(a)...

Your collages are so pretty and romantic! So beautiful little girl!
A nice week end to you!