13. 8. 2009

Ma décoration

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LiLi M. řekl(a)...

Ah bonjour Fleurette! Yesterday I was having a visitor from the Czech republic as well, Vania of Mon petit bonheur, you will probably know her, as your blogs are look a likes. You must have inspired her! I share your taste in a lot of French things like the Annick Goutal perfumes, the motion picture Chocolat, l'Occitane and the bôites de l'anis de Flavigny. Talking about bôites (boxes). I noticed that you used a photo from my blog on 18-07-09, it's a photo of 3 violet soap boxes. I am flattered but I have to tell you that in blogland it is common use to ask permission and to credit people for their photos. I don't care much myself, but in fact what you have done is illegal. And why? You have a gorgeous style of your own, just show the world your photos! Your vignettes are lovely! Have a great trip to blogland and I hope to see you again. Belle journée!

LiLi M. řekl(a)...

Oh my dear Fleurette, you didn't have to remove my photo! I told you I was flattered that you used it and now you could have written under it: photo courtesy by LiLi M. but even that wasn't necessary. Sorry for the misunderstanding in my case. But I have to emphasize that it actually is as I mentioned before. I don't care, but there are people who do. And still I believe that you have enough beautiful photos of yourself! Just show the world! Have a nice weekend!